Onset, 2018

The act of becoming is known in philosophy as Poiesis, bringing something forth that did not exist before. 'Onset' acts as a metaphor for the active and open minded moment of creation, linking the origin of ideas to how they are materialised into works.

The image depicts the flow or passage of a thick material through the opening of a container, forming a soft peak in its accumulation below. The material appears to be wet, or at least in a stage in which its final form is uncertain. 

Personally this image was very powerful and evocative, because it revealed something about the artistic process in its earliest of stages. This is the moment before we know, when materials are only potentially able to take a form, when there is movement, but not yet knowing. Accepting this state is crucial in the creative process, it implies an attitude where one is open to dialogue with the process, being attentive and allowing the work to unfold.

In this project the aim was to transform the plain image into an icon, a threshold to what it represents, a link to its active state. I used different techniques including etching, linocut, video, and egg tempera referencing different types of icon.


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