Unsaid, 2015

Pillowcase, coffee grounds, glue


Unsaid explores silences and meanings. An empty pillowcase is emblazoned with open envelopes, the pattern made with coffee ground stains.

The envelope is a recurring motif in my work. It surrounds and conveys words, it embodies the physicality of communication and connects us to the touch, breath and skin of a correspondent. The envelope is also anachronistic, we are ever more reliant on disembodied, odourless communication. As populations that rely more on communications without qualities or specificity, what will become of the messages sent across matter?

The pillowcase also envelops and protects its contents from bodily fluids and dirt, it is in contact with our most essential body part at its most vulnerable time, and it is still very much in use. Being able to sleep soundly is sometimes equated with peace of mind. Silence does not imply not having things to say. Talking does not guarantee conveyance of meaning.

In 'Unsaid' I acknowledge the role of personal anecdotes and daily habits that come into my practice. I find long distance communication difficult, what is left unsaid keeps me awake. I drink coffee grown in my country to maintain at least one physical, however tenuous and contrived, connection to a distant homeland.


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